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This year marked thirty years that I have been involved in the production and sales of locally produced food. It seems like only yesterday when in the 1980's I worked on a cattle ranch by day and at mountain resort restaurant in the evening where the beef was on the menu along with vegetables purchased at producer-only markets and fresh fruits gathered at orchards in the Ojai Valley. Back then, we were considered "funky", but today local, organic and sustainable have become the norm.

My journey has taken me from Pennsylvania to California and back to Pennsylvania, farming, cooking, marketing and writing about it the whole time. Over the years, I have learned that food is much more than a nourishing substance used to fuel our bodies. Food is a political hot potato, a weapon, medicine, a commodity, a passion, an art. Food evokes visceral responses about how it is produced, sold, cooked and eaten. Food is deeply personal yet can represent an entire culture. Most importantly, food represents constant change.

That is why in 2015, Painted Hand Farm transitioned from being a specific geographical location to a brand representing a philosophy.
Civilization can barrel full steam ahead leaving a swath of destruction, but no matter the circumstances, this one farmer will continue to produce food using methods that respect the land, honor the livestock and provide sustainance in ways that is of benefit to her community and the environment.
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Where to Buy
Year round outdoor market located at
7600 Arlington Avenue in the parking lot of Bethesda Elementary School.
Plenty of free parking!
Market Hours: 9 am to 1:30 pm.
(10 am January 1st through April 1st)

Bethesda Central Farm Market
Bethesda, MD
For central Pennsylvania customers,
there is a monthly drop-off at
140 N 3rd St, Chambersburg
Noon to 2 pm
Dates and products are listed on the Painted
Hand Farm Facebook page or via email upon request.
Chambersburg Monthly Drop-off
Chambersburg, PA
Painted Hand Farm and Roy Pitz Brewery collaborate to bring locally produced ingredients to local restaruants. Check out their menu.
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Sandra Kay Miller
Farmer, Foodie, Cook & Writer
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