Liver Bits Pet Treats
Made in the USA from USDA-inspected liver from animals raised in America.
Painted Hand Farm LIVER BITS
All-Natural Pet Treats

Made from 100% dehydrated liver, Painted Hand Farm's Liver Bits All-Natural Pet Treats contain no salt or chemical preservatives and require no refrigeration. Unlike most of the pet treats found on the shelves in the local grocery stores, big box stores and even major pet product retailers, these treats originate from locally-raised, USDA inspected beef, pork, lamb & goat and NOT FROM CHINA.

What are the benefits?
First and foremost, is the health of your pet. We begin with ingredients of the highest quality to ensure safe as well as delicious treats.

Secondly, all ingredients are sourced from local producers so you're helping to support family farmers. Did you know that a single beef liver can weigh as much as forty pounds--yes, 40! While T-bones, ribeyes and burgers may be hot sellers at your local farmers market, the truth is liver tends to pile up for many producers which is the dillema that first led Painted Hand Farm to make that first batch of Liver Bits for our weekly market patron's pups.
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