About Painted Hand Farm
Painted Hand Farm began as the fruition of a life-long dream of Sandra Kay Miller when she bought a run-down 20 acre Civil War era farm in Newburg, Pennsylvania sight unseen, loaded her horse, two dogs and a cat in a truck, and drove across the country to return to the area in which her family has lived since the late 1600's. For fifteen years, Sandra experimented with a variety of crops and livestock employing organic and pasture-based methodology. She became active in a number of agricultural based organizations including the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Meat Goat Producers Organization, the Pennsylvania Farmstead and Artisan Cheese Alliance, the Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network and the American Goat Federation. With her farm going into full production along with project that included using goats in Pennsylvania state parks to help control unwanted vegetation in environmentally sensitive areas where mechanical or chemical means were no an option, Sandra began selling meat, eggs and produce at several fledgling farmers markets in the mid-Atlantic region.

But in 2013, tragedy struck as the landfill that loomed in the distance began an expansion in the direction of Painted Hand Farm while on two other sides, farmers whose environmental practices were causing a number of damages to the riparian area, the woodlot and the overall quality of life. In 2014, Sandra left the property and in 2015, it was sold and everything bulldozed to the ground to make way for residential development. Sustainability is a moving target as our world is ever changing. One may be as organic, biodynamic, humane, grass-based and local as they can, but if their vision is not shared civilization will forge ahead without so much as a second glance in the rear-view mirror. Despite the personal devastation, Sandra chose not to give up on her life's work and forged ahead into the realm of resiliency, relocating to a larger property, expanding satellite seasonal projects and zeroing in on her targeted markets which included several award-winning chefs and restaurants transforming Painted Hand Farm from a place into a brand.

Sandra continues to farm as she believes in the power of clean food, local economies and ecological restoration using new and innovative methodologies.